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potential second gunman. >> yes, thomas. that's correct. as you say, we heard so far today that one individual armed with what was described as an automatic weapon climbed to the sixth floor of a building on the university of texas austin campus and fired a number of rounds in the air and then turned the weapon on himself, killing himself and also reports of a second shooter. thomas, you and i and many of your listeners will remember on that campus when charles whitman climbed atop a tower to kill 14 and wounded 32. that campus has a terrible history of bad things happening. it's been 44 years. hopefully this will be resolved with no one else being injured. >> clint, also describe the scope of the search that goes on when looking for a second gunman when talking about the university of texas which is the largest campus in the country.
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>> they already sent out electronic message and all of these new security measures have by and large come after the university, i'm sorry, the virginia tech shooting. at that time. but now we've got the ability to send out a message campus wide on a telephone, e-mail, things such as this and it's told all students, faculty, staff, wherever you're at, hunker down. lock yourself down and don't come on campus. in the meantime, you have the very large and very good police department at the university of texas, as well as local and perhaps federal authorities all responding with tactical teams trying to find out if, in fact, there is second person and if that person was also a gunman, thomas. >> when we talked about this, the initial reports are that the first suspect was using an automatic weapon. >> yeah, that initial report, thomas, now, again, we don't
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have that from law enforcement. so t could be anywhere from what you and i know to be a semiautomatic pistol all the way up to something like an automatic rifle, for example, an ak-47. we just don't know right now. what we do know is that this first individual, evidentally was making some kind of statement first by firing these rounds and, unfortunately, we said he fired them in the area, didn't shoot at anyone in particular but he turned the weapon on himself and killed himself. this second person he was allegedly seen with was that a friend or just another student or could that be another gunman? well, on that campus they just can't take the chance. right now you have this major search going on and you've got 50,000 students plus faculty and staff either hunkered down, locking themselves in place or being told to stay away from campus until this is resolved. >> clint, we'll ask you to stick with us throughout the hour as we get more information on this
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breaking news coming out of the university of texas where the gunman walked into the library and opened fire and was fatally shot himself. we want to come to other breaks news. oaxaca, close to -- suffering from severe rain and rivers that have overflowed to make the land very soft and moist there, which led to the hillside collapsing there. again, this is a rural mexican community in the region's governor is saying probably hundreds are feared dead as their homes have been buried under all this earth that came barreling down earlier today. again, initial reports are saying that roughly 500 to even up to 1,000 people could be feared dead in this. we'll continue to keep a qulocle
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on this. as soon as we get more pictures out of oaxaca, mexico, we'll bring them to you. coming up in an hour, president obama will keep up the drum beat just five weeks ahead of the midterm elections. holding another talk with residents in albuquerque, new mexico. it's all taking place and it's all taking place as a new article in "rolling stone" magazine released with a stern message from the president to the democrats and nbc mike viqueira is in albuquerque and, mike, when i read this article, which is written by juan who is the co-publisher and editor of "al roi "rolling stone" the big message at the end, buck up. >> or whining, as vice president biden would have it. democrats face huge losses in congress this fall and in just five weeks, as you mention. the reason why people point to the inthuenthusiasm gap.
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so, they're trying to light a fire under those voters. you know, the president will leave here today and he'll go up to madison, wisconsin. he'll try to recapture some of that campaign magic with a big rally up in wisconsin today. he might take the stage to the pretenders singing "stop your sobbing." that's the message they have for the democratic bisover the last two days. some quotes from that "rolling stone" article people need to shake up this lethargy and it's inexcusable if people do not vote. if they want to take their ball and go home, they weren't serious in the first place. this comes after vice president biden last night reiterated his message and told lawrence o'donnell that the same democrats need to buck up. he's here in albuquerque today. thomas, the line between campaigning and policymaking is always pretty tenuous and today is pretty obliterated and today the president will take out after republicans that pledge to america that they unveiled last thursday and the white house has
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been poking holes in it ever since and taking target practice and all the things cut in education is the theme if spending levels were frozen at 2008 levels as house republicans have proposed, thomas. >> as i look behind you, i think i'm looking at crawford. >> you're not the first person to point that out. the press working space is actually in a horse corral here. >> you know, just an observation from one guy to another. mike viqueira, thank you so much. vice president joe biden is soften his message to fellow democrats, but not by very much. during a visit to new hampshire on monday he said, "stop whining." take a look at the alternatives and that drew angry responses from the angry base that he was trying to motivate while last night on the launch of msnbc "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." he kept consistent with the president's message to buck up. >> there are some on the democratic base, not the core of it, that are angry because we
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didn't get every single thing they want. it's time to just buck up here, understand that we can make things better, continue to move forward but not yield the playing field to those folks who are against everything that we stand for in terms of the initiatives we put forward. >> the vice president also warned democrats that if republicans swept into power, they would repeal the obama health care reforms and other measures that are important to progressives across the country. check out the last word with lawrence oo'donnell weeknights at 10:00 eastern on msnbc. tonight, lawrence will be speaking with charlie crist. now, to our special education nation initiative. all this week nbc news and msnbc focusing on how to improve our schools. one critical issue, high school drop out rates. america's promise alliance to help children from all economic
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groups and on "morning joe"ed it they talked about the dropout crisis and what must be done. >> all children need five basic things in their lives. a caring adult, healthy start, safe places to learn and grow after school, a marketable school to an effective education and an opportunity to give back. high school graduates used to be able to go out and work on the farm. drop out of school, go work in the automobile plants and go work in the steel factories. those jobs don't exist any more. so, that we have to think about where we are as a nation right now and what our needs are and start to educate our children to fill those needs and to ensure the future of this country. >> i make this point, education is not just something that happens in school. education begins the first moment that an infant recognizes that it's mother voice is its mother's voice.
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from that mother, that child will learn how to speak the mother's language within a year and within the next year you have to teach that child the alphabet, how to tell time, how to tell colors. all the basic skills and how to be skill and how to mind your adults. >> former secretary of state says attention needs to be focused on 2,000-low-performing schools nationwide. we turn now to the importance of early childhood education while some believe that early childhood education funding should be cut in these tough economic times, research shows that for every dollar invested in high quality early childhood programs, taxpayers save up to 7% in crime, welfare, remedial and social education and other costs. joining me now michelle, who is a "today" show contributor and youth advocate businessman and afghanistan combat vet, retired u.s. army captain wes moore, also the author of the other wes
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moore about the similarities in his life with another man named wes moore who is serving a life sentence without parole. i want to thank both of you for being here. michelle, i want to start with you. the study sheing early childhood education is so important until later in life, how so? >> enormously so. one of the scientific proofs when looking at longitudeinal studies from infancy to 42 years of age, what we discovered is that early learning, if done well in a quality child care that focuses on language and relationships, you already give that child the jump start so they walk into that kindergarten door, really, the achievement gap is already big to the point here, it's diminishing. so, the kids got a jump start and a chance. >> as we talk about these tough economic times, wes, i want to talk to you. i grew up in baltimore and the state of maryland a $250 million federal grant as raced to the top, they achieved that. you grew up in baltimore and the
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school system failed you atten early age. how do you think they should go ahead and utilize that money now? >> it's extremely important, specifically when you look at the statistics of where we are at now. particularly for low-income families. why that's so important is by if you're not reading proficiently by fourth grade you won't be reading great profifancy by seventh grade and ninth grade which means you probably won't be in school by ninth grade. particularly important in low-income communities. >> how were you able to turn things around because your start out of the gate was tilted. >> first, i had a family who refused to give up on me even when a lot of people around them had given up on me. i had a lot of supportive community members and leaders who provided the leverage and support that my family needed and this whole concept of expectations that were placed
11:12 am
upon me and the expectation despite my early stumbles, the expectation of me that i had high expectation and those expectations, while taking a little while to sink in, they started to mean something and once they did, it really, it really lit an educational fire that i think drove me throughout my entire life. >> michelle, as we hear what wes is saying and the family support there and the people that never gave up on him. it can't all fall on the teachers' lap. >> absolutely not. vocabulary and that's when children start to drop out. how do you do it? simple you talk and talk and talk to your child because we already realize that the impositive rshed child is only hearing 600 words where the affluent child is hearing 1,600. get rid of the tv and start talking to your child. >> wes, real quickly, the book
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you have out, what is the situation with the other wes moore. >> currently spending the rest of his life in a maximum security facility in maryland and you see a lot of these conversations that we're having about education reform, you see a lot of that played out inside of this story. making sure that children have more words and getting rid of chronic absence among students where 10% or more of school for the year for early learners. that is crucial. that is the situation and those, the story of this book are the consequences of either our attention or apathy. >> thanks so much for coming in today. it's a great conversation. you can find out much more about the many resources and programs available to help improve your child's education by visit and click on learn more and there you'll find the great school's app with resources on everything on how your child's school stacks up to local parenting and chat groups for you and you can find it all, once again,
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again, we're continuing to follow breaking news. breaking news coming to us out of the university of texas in austin. right now that school is on lockdown. one suspect is dead as police are searching for a potential second gunman. their belief is that two gunmen were on the campus this morning but the first gunman found in the library is now dead and the search continues for a second gunman while that school, a campus of 15,000 remains on lockdown. we will keep watching that story for you and bring you those developments throughout the morning. brian curt of portland, oregon, is the founder of vocation vacations. giving the visitors a two to three-day crash tour to try a different career. ♪
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two american hikers from being held in iran today for the first time iran is indicating the country of imam involved in trying to negotiate their release.
11:18 am
they were held since july of '09. imam played a key role in releasing them. nbc news oman bureau chief is live with these new developments and what they mean for the two captive men. >> good morning, thomas. the first positive signal we have about the two men coming out of oman. said that they're in a visit to oman to try to secure the release of the two men left behind. if they are, they have to pay the 500 million bail. the official foreign ministry spokesman said the omanis are here to show good ties. we haven't had official
11:19 am
statement from the governor. a couple weeks ago before sarah shourd was released the two men would have to face a legal procedure and go to court. i think everything will start to unravel over the next few days in iran. that has been in the headlines and in the newspaper a lot. in the next few days they'll have to indicate publicly which way this is going to go. whether they release them on bail or these guys have to face a lengthy trial. thomas? >> that means actually setting a date which we have been waiting for for now for such a long time. >> that's right. several weeks ago they said that the two men would probably have to face trial within the next two months. we're approaching that timeline very quickly, but things can be predictably unpredictable in iran. you never know in the next few days we could suddenly see the two boys go back with iranies. we'll keep a close eye. thank you. we have breaking news that we continue to watch here at
11:20 am
msnbc this morning. two different breaking news stories. first in southwest mexico, a landslide has buried roughly 300 homes, up to 1,000 people are feared dead. this is happened in oaxaca, mexico. a rural image in mexico. images are few and far between right now. the area suffered from a lot of rain lately, which, apparently, which led to way of this hillslide collapse. roughly 500 to 1,000 people could be feared dead. we're also keeping a watchful eye on what is happening at the university of texas in austin. police are looking for a potential second shooting suspect there which was early this morning when the first shooter was dead or was killed in the library there and came in with an automatic weapon in the campus library. the university of texas is a sprawling campus, one of the largest in the country. about 50,000 students and the campus now on lockdown as campus police and also police in austin are looking for a potential
11:21 am
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it's not just fair, it's the law.
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for the second time in two weeks, the fbi is coming under increased scrutiny. last time it was inaccurate nrmation given to congress and the public and this time around its agents are accused of cheating on a very important exam. bill gavin former assistant director of the fbi office and he joins me this morning to talk about this. bill, let's go ahead and discuss some of the things going on right now. currently a justice department investigate and, however, some formal results were released yesterday saying that these agents were using open books and nay were talking to each other to get through this test. what does this indicate to you? >> well, thomas, i think that the problem we have to go back to how this was administered to begin with. when it came out the bureau decided they were going to train, i think it is about 400 attorneys in the bureau and
11:25 am
bring them together and train them and send them back out to the field again to train everybody on the provisions of the it and also the testing of those provisions to make sure that everybody understood it. that's where the whole thing broke down. there is a whole dichotomy of issues that come up because not everybody trained the same and not everybody tested the same way. and that came out as a result of yesterday's press release not only by the bureau where they said no strict limitations on training and testing, but by glenn fine's report, as well, where he said the same thing. it didn't seem to be any universality of training. this whole thing has to be brought back in again. they have to redo the whole training procedure. the doj is an important document by which the agents have to live. >> let's explain that, though, bill, to everybody. it is basically understanding the new rules that allow them to conduct surveillance and open files on america without
11:26 am
evidence of wrongdoing. >> that's absolutely right, thomas. that's why it's so important that everybody understands this and gets it right. these 20,000 people that were subjected to the training and the testing and everybody got a little different perspective of it and the bureau was charged with upholding the constitution and the laws of the united states and i can't believe the 20,000 people that would subvert that. these are not only agents but also technicians and analysts and police officers who were involved in investigations with the bureau. a complex matter that wasn't thought out well in my estimation before they put it out to the field and it has to be redone. >> the inspector general bill fine says they have to discipline these agents throughout the results and come up with an entirely new test. bill gavin, great to have you with us. thank you, sir. >> thanks, thomas, my pleasure. signs that kim jong-il has chosen his youngest son to be his successor. what do we know about him?
11:27 am
a live report from south korea coming up. was sarah palin booed on "dancing with the stars"? 3q (ve) i love working with animals, but my allergies put me in a fog. so now, i'm claritin clear! claritin works great on all my allergies like dust, mold, pollen, or pets without making me drowsy,
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cause i want to be alert around this big guy. live claritin clear. indoors and out.
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following two breaking news stories this morning. the first one at the university of texases at austin where the campus is on lockdown. we understand a gunman came into the library there and opened fire and then fatally shot himself, however, campus police are searching for a potential second suspect. right now i understand we have someone on the phone. cindy posy a student at the university -- cindy, excuse us here. explain to us what happened there this morning at the campus library. >> a little after 8:00 a.m. a person entered the library wilding a weapon and shots were fired and then the suspect turned the gun on himself and he
11:31 am
is now deceased. there is a possibility of a second suspect and campus is on lockdown until the second suspect is confirmed or denied. >> cindy, is the suspect, the shooting suspect that walk under into the library a student there? >> we have no confirmed information about the gunman at this point. >> i know on a busy campus morning, things are moving along, but how busy would the library be at that time of day? >> not incredibly busy, but busy enough. >> he fired some shots, was he aiming at anybody? >> that, i have not, that kind of information i do not have at this time. i wish i had more to tell you, but the only thing we know is that shots were fired and then he turned the gun on himself. >> cindy, what makes you believe that there is a second potential
11:32 am
possible shooting suspect? >> some information gathered by the law enforcement agencies here that we have not been able to confirm it or conclude anything at this point. we just, we have some information that makes us think that there is the possibility of a second. >> we're just getting new information that is crossing the wires here saying that the gunman was wearing a ski mask when he opened fire. do you have information on that? >> i do not. i am, once again, i'm sorry to not be able to confirm any of that, but at this time i cannot confirm any of that. >> one thing you can confirm is that the classes on campus have been canceled for the remainder of the day. >> campus will remain on lock down until this is resolved. >> okay. cindy posy from the university of texas. thank you for your time. >> thank you. also the other story we're following here, the other breaking news out of oaxaca, mexico. a hillslide collapsed on to a
11:33 am
rural mexican community where there are roughly 300 homes and initial reports from the regional governor there are saying that roughly 500 to 1,000 people could be feared dead. again, this was roughly 300 houses in the area that were buried. we understand that there have been heavy rains and also swollen rivers in that area that could have led to this hillside collapse and rescuers having a hard time reaching the area. as soon as we get pictures on the ground and more information that we can confirm to you we will bring to you right here on msnbc. north korean leader kim jong-il is laying the ground work to keep control of the country and keep it in the family. he made his youngest son and favorite son kim pyjong. no one knows what he looks like and this is the first time his name was mentioned in north korean state media.
11:34 am
ian williams is live in south korea. tell us what took place for this appointment for his youngest son. >> well, thomas, an entire industry here in seoul, south carolina, trying to figure out exactly what's going on in the north. and pretty unanimous in their view that it is neither good for the north korean people nor for south korea and american allies. now, what happened today is that there was a big party meeting. the workers' party. first time they met on this scale in 30 years. don't get excited, when you talk about party these are people that debate and people that rubber stamp the decisions taken by kim jong-il and just ahead of that meeting today is the appointment of his youngest son, kim jong un. he has had no military experience. hard to see what experience he has had at all.
11:35 am
the only thing we can say for sure about him is that we think he was in school in switzerland and we think he is about 28 years old. some reports depict him as being quite a fun-loving sort of guy that likes baseball, the nba and others say he's vindictive just like his father. even the photographs that purport to be of him, two photos have been circulated and it's disputed. some analysts here say that's not him at all. so, he is an enigma but the other thing we can say for sure is that his father, kim jong-il is a sick man. he had at least two strokes and the speculation that he may not have that long to live. so, he wants to keep, keep north korea in the family, if you like. but certainly, as far as the north koreans are concerned and neighbors and the west, this is not good news, thomas. >> kim jong un is a name we will be more familiar with.
11:36 am
ian, thanks so much. we turn our attention now back to education nation, our unprecedented look at schools and the growing problem now that could have deadly consequences. i'm talking about bullying. one of the latest tragedies asscher brown took his own life last thursday after enduring what his mom and stepmom say was constant harassment by four students at his school. the eighth grader was picked on for his small size, his religion and because he did not wear designer clothes and kids also accused him of being gay. his parents say their complaints to school officials over the past 18 months fell on deaf ears, however, school officials said they didn't receive any complaints. joining me now is joe and, joe, when i heard about this story, it broke my heart. this is a 13-year-old straight a eighth grader who was systematically bullied over a series of months however, the school is saying they didn't get
11:37 am
these reports. what can be done as we continue to talk about here during education nation, what can be done to stop bullying? >> first, i just want to highlight, it is a sad story and, sadly, it is not uncommon. we hear these reports more and more and it really points to that bullying and harassment in schools is really a huge problem that i'm glad people are finally starting to pay attention to and i think that when one of the most from this research and the research we do, one of the most common reasons people are is because people are bullied and harassed in schools because either they are lesbian or gay or transgend or the case you just talked about. t nine out of ten students say they're harassed in school in the past year and it's epidemic proportions. >> what are you doing to get the word out to be more prominent in school systems around the country because we fear when we
11:38 am
breakaway the fear we can be more educated about this. how are you getting your organization out there? >> well, first i want to highlight that it's important i think that schools and school leaders need to see leadership at the federal and the state and the school district level. i think we're starting to see that. that the federal government is starting to pay attention to bullying issues and also including issues of related to sexual orientation or gender identity. we know from our work that there are several very concrete things schools can do and the one thing that is important is having a comprehensive school policy that specifically enumerates the reasons why students are bullied and along with other reasons like race, ethnicity and religion. we see in schools where they have these policies students know what to do and know what to report and schools and teachers have the wherewithal to figure
11:39 am
out how to help this student. the other you mentioned is teacher education, forfessional development for teachers on these issues because we have well-meaning people out there who don't know what to do. also, training on how to handle harassment. >> also from the aspect of social media nowadays, it's in all of our lives. but when you're at school, you can't get away from the kids so easily and now bullies can get into your house through your computers, through your text messaging. what is your message on that? >> it's a huge problem that i think schools are just now beginning to try to figure out because it does break the barrier between the school wall and the rest of one's life. several school districts have tried to handle this by sort of incorporating in their policies that if it's related to honor on school grounds and people from the school that they need to pay attention to, but i really encourage parents to talk to their teachers and the school principal and the superintendent in their school district to say what is my school district doing
11:40 am
about this. >> joe, i know more people can find out about your oorganization and any kid out there can logon to your website which is -- >> >> great to have you with us. thanks so much. >> thanks for doing this. right now nbc "nighty news" anchor brian williams is hosting in rockefeller center and you can watch it live on the web at so, the guessing game that has been going on about rahm emanuel appears to be ending as early as this friday president obama's chief of staff is expected to announce that he will leave his post and he will be leaving it to run for the mayor of chicago. that leaves the president with a very key job vacancy, as you can imagine. nbc news political reporter joins me now. so, is it official that friday is going to be the day that this announcement comes out? >> nothing is official. if you saw some of the reporting, it might, probably and, you know, we've known for quite some time that, you know,
11:41 am
september 8 lth is when we firs reported on this and we named some of the people that could be potential replacements and some of the speculation is surrounding some of the insiders. some of the good money is on some of these insiders. if obama appointed an interim chief of staff and look at somebody like pete rouse and a lot of people may not know these names, but rouse was obama's chief of staff in the senate. an important person to look out for and a lot of people like tom onilon. he is the deputy security adviser right now and works for former general james jones in nsa. so, you know, he's an interesting guy to take a look at. he worked for carter, worked for clinton and worked for biden and former chief of staff to warren christopher and secretary of state under president clinton. so, certainly, a lot of chief of staff on his resume. he's been the chief of staff and also kind of interesting, his brother is the counselor to,
11:42 am
counselor to vice president biden and his wife is jill biden's chief of staff. so, you know, a lot of keck connections within the white house and somebody in the white house that they really do like. the other person they talked about was ron claim and currently joe biden's chief of staff. these are some of the names we're watching. we have a whole speculation list that we've reported on in first read earlier with some of the outsiders and mike bloomberg and ed whittaker from gm and a lot of others. but some of those insiders, a lot of people are saying the good money is on them. >> do you think an interim or actually an appointment? >> that's the thing we're not tote a totally certain of. everyone would be surprised if rahm emanuel didn't leave the white house. it would be news if he decided to stay, to be perfectly frank. it would be in between an interim or somebody inside. a really good point that i heard
11:43 am
savannah guthrie say on "daily rundown." if they pick an insider like donilin or somebody like that, they might as well do that. no point in putting someone who is in interim that obama knows just to oppose somebody who is already inside the white house. >> dominico, thank you so much. we'll talk again soon. back to the breaking news coming to us from the university of texas in austin where it is still on campuses lockdown right nu. according to the wires a gunman wearing a ski mask opened fire today inside the university of texas library there and then fatally shot himself. the reason why the campuseses is on lockdown is that police believe there is a second possible suspect on campus. they are holding a news conference and we will get information on the developments coming to us out of austin. ♪ ♪ every day, it's getting closer ♪ ♪ going faster than a roller coaster ♪ ♪ love like yours will surely come my way ♪
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we continue to follow breaking news out of the university of texas in austin. the campus is on lockdown after a gunman opened fire inside the university library today and then fatally shot himself. police are saying that they now have recovered an ak .47 weapon from inside the library area and bomb sniffing dogs searching all buildings. there is not confirmation of a second gunman, however, they're being methodical about what they're doing there. the campuseses itself roughly 50,000 students. one of the largest campuses. the first pictures coming out of the library right now. still photography and this happened roughly around 8:30 this morning and we spoke to an official from the university of texas in austin earlier who said about that time that the library would not have been heavily occupied.
11:48 am
also not able to confirm whether the gunman was actually firing at people before he took his own life. but police are searching for the potential second person that could be a second shooter involved with this. they are doing everything they can to be very, very methodical about the search there with bomb sniffing dogs on the scene there and the suspect is confirmed to be dead. we want to move on now to breaking news coming to us from waldorf, maryland, not too far away from washington, d.c. a man has fallen into a well in charles county area and you can see the rescue crews that are there working now to figure out how exactly to bring him out and to do so safely. the hook and ladder truck and trying to retrieve the man and we don't know how this accident may have happened but it's raining in maryland today up and down the east coast. we'll continue to watch that story and bring you the very latest.
11:49 am
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welcome back, everybody. a long time hollywood couple calls it quits and did they boo sarah palin on "dancing with the stars"? let's get the latest from courtney. we are starting with the hollywood couple. >> george lopez and his wife announced they are getting divorced after 17 years of marriage. george lopez the comedian was more in love when his wife donated a kidney for him. they spoke publicly about the decision to donate the kidney and his transplant. they have a 15-year-old daughter and they made a statement saying this is sad news, but we are trying to keep it as much as we can for the sake of our daughter. a sad, sad story in hollywood. on a much lighter note as you know, we are all following
11:53 am
dancing with the stars with baited breath. last night's excitement came not so much from the dancers but an audience reaction. bo booing in the stands. >> why is there booing? >> i don't know. >> i'm here with guest sarah palin who joins us from alaska. >> we missed some of the booing that fronted that shot to the guest. >> jennifer gray sf. >> you saw her and her partner there talking about their routine and then you heard booing all of a sudden and they cut to tom. the people were led to believe the way you saw the ending that maybe it was at sarah palin. later on in the night they went on and said that was about the scores. they saw jennifer gray's scores and she got onlies and the audience thought she could have
11:54 am
been gotten nines. that's rude. you don't boo people. especially when she didn't do anything but show up. i hope it was the case that it was for jennifer gray's bad scores. >> they were still good. >> people thought they should have been better. blackberry fans, you either fall on the side for the most part for blackberry and i'm on the opposite side. this is great news for you. black berry is going to roll out the blackberry playbook. the answer to the i pad. a seven-inch computer and it's going to have different from the i pad cameras on the front and back. we will also have flash built in. the apple people, the price hasn't been officially announce, but it's expected to be in the $500 range. you can get an i pad for about that too. don't give me that look.
11:55 am
>> no. i'm a fan. >> that are is big, big news in the cultural relevance world. so much of what we are doing in media, we are doing on the devices. >> thank you so much. >> for the latest, logon to to get your entertainment fix which we all need. a busy hour we had here. i'm thomas roberts. contessa brewer will pick it up at the top of the hour. >> coming up at noon, the latest on the breaking news we are following with the university of texas in austin and a mudslide where it's feared hundreds of families are trapped. also education nation. two wrestling superstars join me to talk about the education initiatives they are involved with. when political attack ads get nasty. asking alan gray why he called his opponent the taliban. then t the final presentations ♪ ♪ sally, i'm gonna need 40 copies, obviously collated ♪ what's going on?
11:56 am
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11:58 am
>> good day.
11:59 am
i'm contessa brewer coast to coast. breaking news and police say a gunman opened fire on the university of texas campus in austin. the gunman they say is now dead. the campus locked down. e-mail sent to students about an hour ago warning them to stay away and you can hear the storm sirens to get their attention. the shooting happened this morning at the school library and police now reportedly are looking for a possible second suspect. again, the gunman opened fire in the library and no injuries were reported. a police spokesman said the man turned the automatic weapon on himself, killing himself. juan garcia is the social media coordinator. give me a sense of what's happening on the campus. is it still on lockdown? >> good morning, yes. we just received an e-mail and the uc emergency committee is warning all of the community to stay indoors and the situation

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